LP6 Volume Ventilator



• Mode: Standby, Assist/Control, SIMV or Pressure Cycle
• Low Pressure Alarm: Set limit for Low Pressure alarm 2 to 32
• cmH2O in increments of 2 cmH2O
• High Pressure Alarm Limit: (Assist/Control, SIMV Modes) or limit
• for Pressure Cycle mode: 15 to 90 cmH2O in increments of 5 cmH2O
• Volume: Push-to-turn knob: 100 to 2200 mL
• Breath Rate: 1 to 20 BPM in increments of 1 BPM and 22 to 38 BPM
• in increments of 2 BPM
• Inspiratory Time: 0.5 to1.0 sec in increments of 0.1 sec;
• 1.2 sec; and 1.5 to 5.5 sec in increments of 0.5 sec
• Breathing Effort: Push-to-turn knob sets pressure level to detect
• breathing effort (-10 cmH2O/hPa to +10 cmH2O)


Front Panel Input Patient Pressure: Port for connection to proximal pressure line of patient circuit
Front Panel Output Patient Air: 22 mm x 15 mm tube for connection to bacteria filter Exhalation Valve: Port for connection to exhalation valve of patient circuit
Indicators, Normal Events Patient Pressure Meter: Displays patient pressure -10 to +100 cmH2O; can also display battery charge and machine hrs of operation Breathing Effort: Green LED activated by adequate patient breathing effort Power: LEDs indicate operating power source: green AC Pwr/Batt Chg, amber External Battery, flashing amber Internal Battery Alarms: Flashing red LEDs: Low Pressure/Apnea, Low Power, High Pressure, Setting Error, Power Switchover
Audible Alarms Pulsating Tone: Low Pressure/Apnea; Low Power, High Pressure, Setting Error, Power Switchover Steady Tone: Loss of microprocessor control Reminder Tone: Every 5 mins when powered by Internal Battery, each time accessory printer generates report
Rear Panel Controls AC Circuit Breaker: Internal to AC power switch (1 for ON; 0 for OFF)
Rear Panel Inputs Inlet Filter: Intake for patient air; screw off cap for filter change External Battery: Connection for 12 VDC battery Communication Port: Calibration information during service procedure